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Super Bowl LIII Odds Chart

Are you going to bet on the Super Bowl? If you are then this is the time to do a little online shopping. Just like buying a phone online or shopping for a vacation. Taking a few minutes can put a lot of money in your pocket. Below I have the odds on winning Super Bowl 53 from 7 different sportsbooks. I have William Hill New Jersey odds listed first so you can have a comparison to onshore and offshore odds.

To see how much money a little sportsbook shopping can make you just take a look at the first team available. The Arizona Cardinals are +15000 at but only +10000 at William Hill in New Jersey. Take the time to bet at and increase your ROI by 50%. Offshore odds are not always betting, just take a look at They are offering only +6500 on the Cardinals to win it all.

How about the favorites to win it all. The New England Patriots are the consensus pick from the sportsbooks to win Super Bowl LIII. In this case, William Hill New Jersey is offering the best odds available at +700. All of the other offshore sportsbooks are less than William Hill with the exception of & who both offer the same odds at +700.

How about them Raiders? This is a team with a wide range of futures odds to win Super Bowl LIII. The reason. A lot of California money has been bet on them and that has driven down the William Hill (+1500) betting line. I know I call them William Hill New Jersey but they are really William Hill USA and money bet in Nevada will lower the lines available in New Jersey. If you like the Raiders to win it all then go offshore to and get +4100. Think of it, you can almost triple your return just by placing your bets at the right sportsbook. These odds are as of September 1st, 2018 and they will change constantly so check the sportsbooks latest odds before betting.

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SuperBowl 53 Winner Futures Chart

Arizona Cardinals10000  15000125001200010000650012500
Atlanta Falcons1300  167520001700160015002000
Baltimore Ravens4500  450040003900400033004000
Buffalo Bills12500  20000150001450015000550015000
Carolina Panthers4500  400040004200400020004000
Chicago Bears6000  900050008500800080005000
Cincinnati Bengals12500  700080008500850065008000
Cleveland Browns6000  10000800010000750062008000
Dallas Cowboys2500  330033003400220016003300
Denver Broncos4000  450033004550450033003300
Detroit Lions5000  500050007000650033005000
Green Bay Packers1000  13251400135511007501400
Houston Texans2500  225025002100200020002500
Indianapolis Colts10000  700066006700800055006600
Jacksonville Jaguars2000  220020002100160016002000
Kansas City Chiefs3000  330033002850330023003300
Los Angeles Chargers2000  225020001445160018002000
Los Angeles Rams850  115012009308508001200
Miami Dolphins12500  15000150001400015000650015000
Minnesota Vikings1000  12001200102595010001200
New England Patriots700  625700680650400700
New Orleans Saints1500  155012001420160014001200
New York Giants2200  500040004650400033004000
New York Jets10000  150001500014000100001200015000
Oakland Raiders1500  400033004100250028003300
Philadelphia Eagles850  900900860950750900
Pittsburgh Steelers1200  1100120098010008001200
San Francisco 49ers1200  270033002700200016003300
Seattle Seahawks5000  550040006500550030004000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers15000  1000010000100009000600010000
Tennessee Titans3500  400050005300450035005000
Washington Redskins10000  700066008500750035006600