How to bet on Soccer

How to bet on Soccer

How to bet on soccer online or in Las Vegas. We have a soccer betting guide to help; from basic to advanced soccer betting. To start, learn how to read a soccer betting line. We will also cover; a money line bet, a spread bet, a totals bet. Then, we move on to more advanced topics on how to bet on soccer; the parlay, prop bet, Asian handicapping. We also give advice on how to bet on soccer if you are not in Las Vegas.

Reading a Soccer Betting Sheet

If you haven’t bet on soccer before the odds may seem a little strange at first. If you are used to betting on American sports, then soccer will definitely be different. Unlike other American games, soccer can end in a tie (draw). Below I have a match odds for Manchester United vs Arsenal.

Soccer betting odds example

Soccer Betting Lines Example

  1. Spread Bet – The spread bet on Manchester United would return $130 for every $100 bet. You notice under spread betting that the odds do not include a draw. If it is a draw the it is considered “no action” and your money is refunded.
  2. Money Line Bet – Like a spread bet but it includes the option of betting on a draw. Since there are now three outcomes instead of two. The odds have increased. A wager on Manchester United to win would pay $210 for every $100 bet.
  3.  Total Bet – Total number of goals for BOTH teams in the match. This is regulation scoring. A bet on over 2 would require $145 to win $100.

What is a Soccer Money Line Bet?

A soccer money line bet is the most basic soccer bet of all.  In every sport we have all had the same debate hundreds of times. Who is going to win? Even someone who knows absolutely nothing about soccer can have an opinion but, what about putting your money where your mouth is?

Betting the money line is a bet that everybody understands. The favorite will have odds set with a lower payout, while the underdog’s odds will offer you a larger payout because the team less likely to win. If, however, you’re not used to reading money lines they can be a little tricky to understand, but that’s why we are here to help.

Soccer Money Line example with two clubs:

Ecuador +320
England -120
Draw +250

Reading the money line depends on whether the posted odds are negative or positive. For England, who is the favored team in this game. The -120 indicates that in order to win $100, you would have to wager $120. For Ecuador, which is the underdog team. The +320 means that if you wagered $100 on them and they won, you would win $320.

The lines for this game show that a draw is actually a more likely outcome than a win for Ecuador, which is why the money line here is set at +250. If you felt so inclined, you could put $100 on the draw so you could win $250.

Regardless of which of the three outcomes you’ve bet on, any winning bet will also pay back your initial wager. This means that if you bet $100 on the draw and won, you would see $350 added to your bankroll, which is your $100 wager plus the $250 payout.

What is a Soccer Totals Bet?

Game totals betting is a soccer bet where you wager on the total number of goals that will be scored in a game by both teams combined. The sportsbook will set a line for the number of goals and you decide whether you think the goals total will be higher or lower than the line. When you place a soccer total bet, it doesn’t matter which team wins the game. A score of 3-1 means four total goals, while a score of 0-0 means zero total goals.

Soccer Total Bet Example:

101    Portland       2.5 (-120)o
102    Vancouver          (-110)u

The “o” stands for over and the “u” stands for under. The over line is set at -120, which means that the sportsbooks are expecting more than two goals to be scored, but the -110 under line suggests that it will be close.

Obviously, teams can’t score half a goal. The 2½ line ensures that regardless of whether the over or the under line wins, there will never be a push. However, this is not always the case.

103   Valur Reykjavik   3 (-110)o
104   Fylkir Reykjavik     (-120)u

The total of three doesn’t change how you make a totals bet. It just adds a third possible outcome for the bet. If the game ends with three total goals, whether the score is 3-0 or 2-1. Then your bet is a push and your original wager will be returned to you. Your bet does not win, but it also does not lose.

When you’re considering a totals bet on soccer, there are some game factors you may want to look up. Look at the recent game scores of the two teams playing. If they both have been averaging higher game scores than the posted line, you may want to play the over. If you find out that one team’s star offensive player will be absent from the game, maybe scoring will be hard to come by, so you’ll want to play the under. Even recent games played by the two sides against each other may influence your decision.

What is a Soccer Spread Bet?

Soccer spread bets are a popular type of bet because they are very simple to understand. Spread bets can make it worth your while to wager on games that appear like they’ll be a blowout, because you can get better odds by giving a half goal or more.

Here’s how it works. The sportsbooks will evaluate a game and set a number called the point spread for the game.

Soccer Spread Betting Example:

101   Columbus Crew   -½ (+115)
102   Real Salt Lake     +½ (-150)

The spread here says that if you were to wager on Columbus Crew, they would have to win by at least a goal for your wager win. Obviously, if they win the game, it will be by at least that much.

Think of it like the underdog team gets a head start. If the spread is 1.5 points, the underdog begins the game with a one goal lead. If it’s 2.5 points, then the underdog starts with a two-goal lead and so on.

How you get paid is based on the point spread odds which are different than the money line odds. In this example, a $100 bet on Columbus would pay $115, while a $150 bet on Real Salt Lake would pay $100.

However, notice that there is no draw betting option like you would commonly see on a money line. In this spread, if you wagered on Real Salt Lake, your bet would win if Real Salt Lake either won the game outright or if the game resulted in a tie because in either circumstance, Columbus would have failed to cover the spread.

If you come across a game without a point spread, it means that the sportsbooks thought that the outcome would be too close to call. For games that appear to be more lopsided, the point spread will be even greater. For example, say Real Salt Lake’s spread was -2½ and then they won the game 3-1. If you wagered on them, you would lose, because the two-goal differential failed to cover the spread.

Soccer Spread Betting * Regulation Time

Keep in mind that soccer betting wagers pay out based on game scores in regulation play, which is 90 minutes plus injury time. If a team fails to cover a spread in regulation time, but then scores in an extra period. The official wager will still count as the team failing to cover the spread.

What is a Soccer Parlay Bet?

A soccer parlay bet isn’t much different from betting to the money line, totals or many other traditional bets. It simply involves more bets. Placing a parlay bet combines anywhere from two to twelve bets on your slip into a single wager.
The important thing to remember when parlaying your soccer bets is that every bet on your parlay must be a winner for your parlay to win. If you make seven wagers and only six win, your parlay bet will be a loss.

It may seem difficult to have to correctly call several picks in order to win; however, the potential payout for a parlay is far greater than the sum of each of those bets individually.

A Soccer Parlay Bet Example:

Take a look at these MLS money lines:

105 Columbus Crew +115

106 Real Salt Lake +230

107 Draw +225

108 Colorado Rapids -110

109 Chicago Fire +300

110 Draw +230

Let’s say you wagered $100 on Columbus and $100 on Colorado. Columbus would pay $115 and Colorado would pay $90.91, for a total of $205.91. This isn’t such a bad payout, but if you wagered $200 on a parlay bet with both teams, you’d win $620.91 and get your $200 bet back. If you’re confident enough in both of your picks, then it obviously makes much more sense to parlay rather than bet on the two individually.

As you add more legs to your parlay, your potential winnings will increase even more. However, each of your bets must win for the parlay to pay. In the event that one of your bets is a push, you don’t lose your parlay. Instead, that bet is removed from the betting ticket. For example, if you have three teams on your parlay and one results in a push, it will be considered “no action” and your parlay will be a winner if the other two teams win.

Why make a Soccer Parlay Bet?

One of the best things about parlaying when you’re betting on soccer online is that you can mix different types of bets. Let’s say you think a team is going to win one match, more than four goals will be scored in another match and a specific player will score first in a third match, you can parlay all three bets together. One of the most common parlay bets in all sports is a side and a total on the same game. Taking Colorado and over 3 goals in a match is a way to get the most out of a game you will think will be a high scoring blowout.

Betting the Three Way Money line

Three Way Soccer Money Line Bet? Sounds far more difficult than it really is. In soccer there are usually three outcomes possible in a game. A Win, Loss, or Draw are 3 different outcomes to bet on.

Three Way Money Line Bet Example:

A game between San Jose Earthquakes and Colorado Rapids. These are the three possible outcomes of the game.

San Jose Wins

Colorado Wins

San Jose & Colorado Draw

Soccer bets are based on results after 90 minutes of play or, ‘Regular Time’, which includes any time added by the referee in respect of injuries and other stoppages. Any Overtime, Golden Goals or Penalty Shoot-Outs do not count towards these bets since they are not considered ‘Regular Time’. For example, in the elimination stages of the World Cup, a winner is required in the tournament in order to progress to the next stage, but all bets are settled on 90 minutes of play (Regular Time). Thus, a draw is a possible outcome to bet on even in a game where one team must be eliminated. An example of what a 3-way money line would look like is:

San Jose -129

Colorado +325

Draw +250

What is the Advantage to Three Way Betting?

You can make more than one bet on the same game. In the San Jose vs Colorado game, you can see Colorado is a dog. Maybe you like them, but you think the game will be really close. Instead of just making one bet on the game with Colorado +325. You can make a second bet on the game and bet on a draw at +250. If you make a $100 bet on both of those outcomes, then a total of $200 is wagered. If Colorado wins then you will win $325, however if Colorado and San Jose tie then you will still win money for the game with a return of $250.
I do like taking two of the three outcomes if both are +200 or better. That means if either happens I will get at least a push for the game.

What is a Soccer Asian Handicap?

Soccer Asian Handicap? No, it is not just a bet made on Asian soccer games. It is a type of bet that is widely used by expert soccer gamblers. In fact, it is a bet I would recommend if you are going to be a serious sports wagering player. The Asian handicap is basically combining a couple or many bets into one bet.

The first part is common to all soccer betting. A full or half point spread or total. It is by combining the full and half point that we form a new bet.

Soccer Asian Handicap Example:

You wager $110 to win $100 on Manchester United -½ ,-1 and they win 2-1. You win $50 as you’ve won the half of your bet at -½ but only pushed the half of the bet at -1.
Totals work in the same way, so a total of 2.25 is written as 2, 2½.

In another example let’s say Manchester United win 2-0 and you’ve wagered $110 to win $100 on Over 2, 2½. This time you lose $55 as you push the total of 2 but lose on the 2½. If the final score would have been 2-1 for a total of 3 goals then you’d win $100 as you win both parts of the bet.

In soccer it is called the Asian Handicap because it first became popular is South East Asia. There are similar bets on MLB and Hockey games where the -1 line is created by adding money line bet with a puck line bet of -1.5.

I like this bet when I am on a favorite. One thing to remember is to vary the bet amounts. Meaning, that I will often bet more on the lesser odds part of the wager. If Manchester United is -200 on the money line and -100 on the -1/2 line. Then I will bet $2 on the money line for every $1 I bet on the -1/2 goal line.

What is a Soccer Proposition Bet?

A soccer prop bet or as sometimes called a soccer propositions bet. Is a wager that does not have a relationship to the final score of a soccer game. There are player prop bets and team prop bets for soccer.

While a money line asks you to predict a winner or a totals bet asks you to predict the number of goals scored in a game. The soccer prop bet can be asking you to decide whether a player will score a goal in a game this afternoon, or asking who will be the Champion before the season has even begun.

The Futures Prop Bet Example

In a futures prop bet you decide which player or team is going to win an event. Here are some UEFA Champions League futures odds:

101   Bayern Munchen            7/2
102   Real Madrid                    9/2
103   Barcelona                       11/2
104   Chelsea                           8/1
105   Paris Saint-Germain     10/1

You’ll notice right away that the odds are listed in order from the favorites to the least likely winners. I only listed five odds here. The real listing will contain odds on every team participating. As time goes on and teams get hot or cold, these odds also change, so if you think that Barcelona will win, and 11/2 looks like a steal to you, place your bet.

The best part about props is that, while only one team can win the prop, you can place wagers on several teams to increase your chances of making the right call. To keep things simple, let’s say you placed a $100 bet on each of the top three teams. Bayern’s odds pay $350 for a $100 wager, Real Madrid pays $450 and Barcelona pays $550. If Real Madrid won UEFA, you would win $450 for the winning bet (plus your initial $100 wager on them back) but would lose your other two $100 bets. However, you would still profit $250 overall. It’s not as much as you would win had you only bet on Real Madrid but winning a little is still better.

You can also vary the betting amounts you make, placing more money on the favorites and less money on those with lower odds. Get creative with your betting slip and see what kind of action you can play.

Player Prop Bet

For more immediate prop betting options, look at today’s games. Each day you will find player prop bets. If EPL is in action on a Saturday, you can expect soccer prop bet on things like. How many goals a particular player score. Will he have an assist? Even prop bets on two players who are in different games can have odds on who will score more goals. Furthermore, there can be cross league prop bets between an EPL team and a MLS team.