The US Supreme Court has struck down PASPA. This means it is up to the States to make a decision if sports wagering is legal in the absence of Congress becoming involved.

What does this mean for New Jersey and New York? All of that money spent on flights and rooms for Las Vegas vacations can now be bet at the AC sportsbooks. For Atlantic City this is a potential boom for tourism. No more heading to the 100+ temps in Las Vegas during the summer. Now you can head down to the Jersey shore and bet on the Mets or the Jets. If the Philadelphia 76ers stay in the playoffs you might be able to get some action in on them. Just like in Las Vegas, Atlantic City sportsbooks will be event driven tourism. March Madness tournament, the NBA playoffs, the World Series, Super Bowl and the World Cup.

Can you imagine what Atlantic City will look like on Super Bowl Sunday? Big money will be spent at the restaurants, bars and boardwalk shops. I wonder what an Atlantic City sportsbook would look like if the Philadelphia Eagles make it back to the Super Bowl?

Sportsbook.AC will be covering the Atlantic City action as the new Sportsbooks open up.