2019 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Betting Predictions

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Colts vs Chiefs Betting Prediction:

If the Chiefs lose there will be a lot of talk about playoff Andy Reid, however he is not the reason I really like the Colts in this one. The loss of Kareem Hunt really hurt this team. He wasn’t just vital to the offense. He also helped provide cover for one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Without him, the Chiefs will not be able to control the football even if they get out to a lead. On the others side, Andrew Luck is a veteran quarterback playing his best football. The ability of the Colts to run the ball and control the clock will be the difference. I am taking the Colts and the points in a close game.

Bet: Colts +5.5 (80%) Colts ML (20%)

Score Prediction: Colts 34 – Chiefs 30

Cowboys vs Rams Betting Prediction:

The Rams started this season like they were Super Bowl bound. However, like many teams that start off fast a few flaws were exposed later in the season. The Rams offense has trouble with a physical defense and the Rams defense is soft against the run. This fits perfectly into what the Cowboys will bring. They can run Ezekiel Elliott all day and just grind down the Rams defense. That will allow Dak to do what he does well and that is play action passing to Cooper. The Rams offense will be able to score but if you get a couple of hits on Goff, he looked soft. I like the Cowboys to get those hits and upset the Rams. Remember, the Rams were big favorites in last years playoffs but the Falcons came out and shut them down.

Note: I just watched the late season Rams games again and they are not the same team without Cooper Kupp. The money is still going on the Rams so I would wait and get 7.5 points if you can. I would take 7.5 at (-120) over 7 at (-110) but do some line shopping on Saturday.

Bet: Cowboys +7 (80%), Cowboys ML (20%)

Score Prediction: Cowboys 24 – Rams 20

Chargers vs Patriots Prediction:

The Patriots and Steelers are both on the decline. The Pats made the playoffs this year because they have a top coach and they play in the worst division in football. The Chargers play in the best division but a Wild Card finish places them on the road for the second straight week. I feel uneasy about this pick but I have to go with the better talent. If you took the team names off of the players and just evaluated the talent on the field. The Chargers are the better team. Rivers looks like he is aging and has lost some of his arm strength, but so does Brady. The guy or guys who will decide this game are Gordon and Ekler. If Gordon is health (or shoots up enough to feel healthy) then I like him to have a monster day and be the difference in the game. If he is not able to go, then I will still lean to the Chargers to cover but not win the game. My pick is based on Gordon starting the game.

Betting Pick: Chargers +4

Score Prediction: 
Chargers 24 – Patriots 21

Eagles vs Saints Betting Prediction:

I have taken the dogs in the first three playoff games this weekend. Not in this one as the Saints are on a mission and the Eagles just do not have the talent to keep up with New Orleans. The Saints should come out strong and dominate early. That will force the Eagles into a pass happy offense which should look good for Eagles stats but the double digit victory will go to the Saints.

Betting Pick: Saints -8

Score Prediction: Saints 38 – Eagles 17