Eli Manning Bovada Prop Results

I used the free NFL Prop Betting Database provided by PropBets.Football to begin doing my prop betting picks and my daily fantasy football picks. They have the results of over 10,000 NFL prop bets by Bovada sportsbook from last year. Yes, that many results from one year of football. It is a great tool to use if you are going to play DFS or you want to put down a little action on a player this year.

Below are the results for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning from last year. I have the Passing Yards prop bet results and the Touchdowns prop bet results. As you can see I used Manning for the “Player”, Passing for the “Type” and for the Event I used “Yards” in one filter and I used “Touchdowns” in the second filter. I also set the filters to Over by placing an “O” in the filter. This left we with the betting results of every over bet for passing yards and touchdowns for Eli Manning that were offered by Bovada sportsbook during the 2017 NFL regular season.

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Passing Yards

Touchdown Passes

Eli Manning Prop Betting Analysis

The first look tells me it was a down year for Manning. The bets are green for a winning bet and light red for a losing one. It is obvious that there were more losing bets on the over for Manning. Touchdown passes had just 6 of the 14 games going over the total. But, even when he did go over the total the odds were stacked against him. Well, against anyone who bet on him. Look at the odds for Week 5 of the NFL season He did indeed go over the total of 1.5 touchdown passes but the odds were (-200). That means if you bet $100 on him you would have just won $50. There is one team that Manning did cover the over against, the Philadelphia Eagles. He played them twice last year and both times he went over on the touchdown prop bets. He covered at (-130) the first time and he also covered at an impressive +145 the second time. That means if you had bet $100 on Manning to go over 1.5 touchdown passes in that second game you would have won $145.

When it comes to passing yards prop bets. Manning once again went over on only 6 of the 14 times this prop bet was offered by Bovada last year. What made his season even respectable was the last three weeks of the season when he covered all three times. Maybe benching him did provide a little motivation. Again, Manning seemed to rise to the occasion against the Eagles and covered the over both times last season. Something to remember when they play again this year.

These are not the only prop bets available on Manning in the prop betting database. There are also: Attempts, Completions, Interceptions and Rushing Yards available. Of course, not only for Manning but for every NFL player that had prop bets offered last year.

If you are not into prop betting but will be making bets on the over / under or making spread bets. Take a look at the PropBets.Football Alternative Lines database and Alternative Totals database. They both have all of the normal betting lines along with the alternative betting lines that most people have never even seen before.